Oct 15 Toby Wolf charter

Had to reschedule these boys for a later date in October due to a hurricane that was threatening our local waters. Boy I’m glad we did!

We slid down about sixty miles into Mexican waters in fairly calm conditions. As the sun rose we were greeted by a stiff northwest wind, not ideal conditions for finding kelp patties (what we were after).  After about two hours of looking  pinned a nice kelp in the binos.

We slowly approached  and the sonar lit up big time! I yelled down to the boys and said get your butts in gear as its gonna be on! My deck hand Griffen quickly started a chumline and tuna erupted out of the  water.

WE POWERED OUT FOR 2 HOURS!  Full on wide open blood bath with enough tuna to fulfill our limit. We all high fived and charged up the line to get outta the weather and gain some altitude. We found several more kelps on the way home four our yellowtail limit.

Great day on the water guys, See ya next time!


Oct 13 open party bluefin trip

Had an open party 1.5 day trip. On this trip we were after blue fin tuna only, hopefully getting into the big ones. We arrived at 0′ dark thirty and stopped on a school of tuna down at about 180 feet.

Angler David handled business and hooked up relatively quick on the heavy flat fall lure. Unfortunately his first fish went under the boat and got away!  Unfazed he quickly hooked another and landed it no problem.

Midday was slow …. per usual with blue fin tuna.

Around 4 we started seeing it again on the sonar and stopped on several schools for nothing.  After about three attempts we found a school that wanted to bite. We unleashed our bait and started hooking fish.

At 8 pm we were about 90 miles from home and had to call it a day. We all sat down for a steak dinner and enjoyed the great weather on the ride home.

Oct 5 Landry Master Charter

Spent the morning in search of yellowfin tuna and we were not rewarded until around 11 am ……yikes! Once we found a sonar school to bite for us we got to work and threw those tuna on quick!

After about an hour we had what we needed so we passed it off to another boat so they could get in on the action too. Like that we were in search of greener pastures.

We quickly found a pod of dolphin and boy was it holding! We spent the rest of our day  “chasing the ponies”  getting into some quality 25-35 lb yellowfin! All in all, good times with great friends!

August 25, 2018 – Make A Wish Tuna Challenge

We fished our butts off all day and were rewarded! At around nine AM we had a 158 lb Bluefin tuna eat one of our flat falls. After about an hour and a half fight on lighter tackle we were able to sink a couple gaffs into a pig of a fish! The middle of the day was slow….. Par for the course when fishing for big Bluefin. At around sundown after waiting it out all day things started to get real fishy.  We had our flat falls falling, kites flying and our balloons uh ballooning. Anyhow our balloon got bit with a double trouble mackerel rig and boy we were in for it! Two hours later after sweating it out we were able to land a 221 putting us in second place for the tournament. Thanks again Patrick Lyden and friends for a truly epic day!