August 25, 2018 – Make A Wish Tuna Challenge

We fished our butts off all day and were rewarded! At around nine AM we had a 158 lb Bluefin tuna eat one of our flat falls. After about an hour and a half fight on lighter tackle we were able to sink a couple gaffs into a pig of a fish! The middle of the day was slow….. Par for the course when fishing for big Bluefin. At around sundown after waiting it out all day things started to get real fishy.  We had our flat falls falling, kites flying and our balloons uh ballooning. Anyhow our balloon got bit with a double trouble mackerel rig and boy we were in for it! Two hours later after sweating it out we were able to land a 221 putting us in second place for the tournament. Thanks again Patrick Lyden and friends for a truly epic day!

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