Oct 13 open party bluefin trip

Had an open party 1.5 day trip. On this trip we were after blue fin tuna only, hopefully getting into the big ones. We arrived at 0′ dark thirty and stopped on a school of tuna down at about 180 feet.

Angler David handled business and hooked up relatively quick on the heavy flat fall lure. Unfortunately his first fish went under the boat and got away!  Unfazed he quickly hooked another and landed it no problem.

Midday was slow …. per usual with blue fin tuna.

Around 4 we started seeing it again on the sonar and stopped on several schools for nothing.  After about three attempts we found a school that wanted to bite. We unleashed our bait and started hooking fish.

At 8 pm we were about 90 miles from home and had to call it a day. We all sat down for a steak dinner and enjoyed the great weather on the ride home.

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